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The community for In Praxi women.

The Ladies@WHU community is open to all female WHU graduates. Ladies@WHU has a presence in the online In Praxi member portal, with discussion forums and contacts. In addition they offer a range of events and opportunities. The vision of the group's founders was to establish an active community to create important connections, help women gain professional orientation, and offer access to expertise and know-how. In this, they have been extremely successful. The Ladies@WHU community offers numerous events and educational seminars, but above all, it creates a valuable network for In Praxi women. It's a place for exchanging ideas and experiences and providing mutual support in a professional and social context.

The Ladies@WHU community intentionally decided against organizing formal mentoring relationships. Instead, trusting and natural relationships develop between the women who participate. As a result, coaching and mentoring take place organically, rather than according to a predefined structure. The group's connections to WHU, Executive Education, the WHU Foundation and In Praxi ensures an exciting exchange of ideas focused on interesting topics.

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Dr. Isabel von Korff, EMBA 2009

Silke Strohe, D 2001

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