Mission, vision, strategy

WHU Mission Statement

At WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management, we shape personalities and business by delivering excellence in research, teaching, and corporate connections. Our core values are …

  1. ... excellence in management education by focusing on ambitious goals and performance,
  2. ... a cosmopolitan sensibility cultivated by promoting diversity and the internationality of the school’s stakeholders – we are curious about diverse people, cultures and new ways of doing things,
  3. ... a caring community characterized by a family atmosphere and mutual trust, and
  4. ... our entrepreneurial spirit fostered by passion and innovation among all members of the WHU community.

Our core values underpin our positioning: Show courage and commitment always!

WHU Vision 2020

"WHU is respected as an excellent player among the top European Business Schools with thought-leading impact on four target groups:
1) researchers, 2) students, 3) managers, and 4) policymakers.
WHU generates knowledge from independent, high-quality research and from close connections between academics and the business community."

WHU Strategy

The Excellence Strategy as of January 2015 continues to be based on WHU’s long-standing vision to be among the top European Business Schools. In order to achieve this vision, the School will focus on the following strategic levers:

  • Quality & sustainable growth: Further increasing the School’s size, while at the same time assuring WHU’s high quality standards;
  • Decentralization: Fostering ownership and entrepreneurial commitment by decentralization in the School’s organization;
  • Digitalization: Allowing continuous improvement of programs and teaching formats, and to increase efficiency in many different areas;
  • Diversity: Fostering internationalization and gender diversity in all stakeholder groups (students, faculty, staff);
  • Executive Education & MBAs: Increasing the number of students in WHU’s Full-Time MBA, Part-Time MBA, Executive MBA, and Executive Education Programs; and
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and culture of all members of the School.
WHU's Strategy Pentagon
Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf, Dean of WHU
Professor Dr. Markus Rudolf, Dean

"Passion, People and Performance are the cornerstones of our programs. Only by actively advancing entrepreneurial approaches and innovation can we achieve our goal: to educate and train the future leaders of the economy. The ever-present WHU spirit, born of mutual trust, support and respect, endures long after the time spent at the business school."