Quality Management at WHU

Excellence in Management Education

Quality management has a long tradition at WHU. As a private business school, it is WHU’s ambition to convince students and prospective students of the outstanding quality of their study programs. Therefore, the current Excellence Strategy focuses on the quality of WHU’s three core competences: academic programs, research, and transfer in the field of general management. In accordance to the high relevance of quality management, the school’s top management and the Quality and Campus Management department centrally control all quality management measures. Nevertheless, the quality standards are borne and lived by all WHU members. Obtained external accreditations and outstanding ranking results proof the success of WHU’s quality management.

Quality management borne by top management of the school

The Quality and Campus Management department is responsible for developing and coordinating the quality management tools, consulting of study programs, compliance with external standards, and assuring the quality of administrative processes and structures. Since a close coordination with the school’s top management is a central success factor for quality management, there are weekly information and coordination meetings between the Quality and Campus Management and the Dean (quality of teaching and learning) and the Head of Administration (quality of processes and structures).

Ideal learning for outstanding professional performance

Quality management in the field of teaching and learning is characterized by the idea of designing the learning process in such a way that the learning objectives of the respective study program are achieved. Thereby, WHU graduates are prepared in an outstanding manner for the challenges on the labor market (employability). Starting point for the student’s learning objectives is the mission statement of WHU. This approach ensures a common mindset and skillset among all students at WHU. This is why the working group and the Director Assurance of Learning have a special significance. The working group is the ideal body to jointly develop the quality management system, to discuss various feedback on the study programs, and to discuss lessons learned for further development.

Independent feedback as a guarantee for quality development

In addition to these internal feedback options, the feedback from neutral and external actors plays an important role in WHU's quality management. Therefore, the frequent involvement of external feedback by accreditation agencies and experts is another key characteristic of the quality management at WHU and a guarantor for its quality. Due to the German system accreditation and the accreditation by AACSB and EFMD (EQUIS), WHU receives independent feedback by scientists and other external experts the latest every two years. They focus on topics regarding the strategic direction, the school’s governance, resources, and QM system.

Responsibilities and the interaction of the agents in WHU's quality management system are illustrated in the following graphic:

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