Our quality concept at WHU

All our actions at WHU are guided by the notion of excellence in management education. The School of Management has set itself the goal of providing and promoting the highest standards in the core areas of teaching, learning, research, and practice. For us, excellence in teaching means offering courses of study that reflect modern practice in terms of content and methodology and that are international in their outlook. Our key to excellence in teaching is our teaching staff themselves, who are appointed especially for their teaching skills. Research is underpinned by three guiding principles: quality, internationalism, and the practical relevance of teaching and practice. For us, quality means the regular publication of research results in leading national and international business magazines. The regular exchange of information and ideas with internationally renowned schools of management ensures excellence in research both at home and abroad. The School of Management places great emphasis on the practical relevance of its research and guarantees that this research is always conducted completely independently. In this context, our academics work closely together with businesses. Quality in practice has much in common with quality in teaching, particularly as they concern in-depth academic knowledge and understanding of practical relevance.

For these core areas, the School of Management has developed a quality concept that is regularly reviewed by the relevant teams of staff.


Quality concept in teaching

  • The provision of courses of study that reflect modern practice in terms of content and methodology and with an international outlook
  • Quality assurance through accreditation of programmes of study and voluntary institutional accreditation at an international level
  • Quality management based on learning goals in all programmes of study

Quality concept in teaching

  • Quality concept in research
  • Emphasis on the independence of research
  • Principles: quality, internationalism, a practical approach to teaching, and practical application.

Quality concept in practice

  • Exchange of academic knowledge and practical experience
  • The same quality requirements as in teaching and Research

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Director Quality and Campus Management