Internal Accreditation at WHU

Ensuring continuous development

As a system-accredited business school, WHU has the right to independently accredit its study programs (see FIBAA accreditation). WHU exercises it as a special responsibility to guarantee compliance with external requirements from the German and European higher education area.

The initial accreditation of a program includes all content-related, and formal criteria. Afterwards, WHU regularly carries out accompanying reviews in accordance with the approach of continuous improvement. These checks follow a defined protocol. Compared to a one-time review of all components at a fixed time, this ensures that the program continues to evolve steadily. Consequently, internal re-accreditation will be achieved if all reviews have yielded a positive result within a timeframe of five years.

The internal accreditation is carried out by the Quality Management department. The program management is responsible for the implementation of the requirements in the respective programs.

Since first being system-accredited in 2012, WHU successfully re-accredited all of its study programs internally so that they were all given the quality seal of the German Accreditation Council. Furthermore, WHU launched two new quality-assured study programs, Master in Finance (2012) and Master in Entrepreneurship (2017).

The following graphic illustrates the interplay of content-related development and compliance with formal requirements:

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