Quality Management of Administrative Processes and Structures

Outstanding quality in teaching and learning requires seamlessly integrated support processes for students and lecturers. In times of increasing digitalization, WHU focuses in particular on software-supported process optimizations for standardization, quality assurance and efficiency enhancements. For example, WHU first optimized all student life-cycle processes and then mapped them in their campus management system. This allows students to complete almost any administrative matter online at any time, e.g. event registration or grade reports.

The campus management system is supplemented by a digital learning platform and an information and collaboration platform for all stakeholder groups of the school, my.WHU.edu. On the latter, central information are published, processes documented, and contact persons listed.

Just as internal and external accreditations are directly assigned to the Dean, the Head of Administration is responsible for the quality of administrative processes and structures. The direct connection to the schools’ top management supports the sustainability and innovation of the quality management measures.

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Andrea Kron

Director Quality and Campus Management