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Attract top talent and be part of the global WHU community

Since the early days, WHU has partnered with companies to create win-win career opportunities for businesses and students. The Career Center fosters these connections and can help you unlock a talent pool of well-educated and high-potential students. Interacting closely with companies across a wide range of sectors, including banking and finance, consulting, industry and services, and start-ups is integral to each student’s journey at WHU.

Alexander Schmitz
Partner and Director
Bain & Company, Düsseldorf
"One of WHU’s finest value propositions is the excellent connection of academia with businesses. The WHU Career Center is the driving force behind that, offering students great career development opportunities and a tremendous talent pool for companies. Over the course of the years, this has led to a great partnership which we as Bain highly appreciate when recruiting promising future consultants."
Kisha Gupta
Head of Global Academic Relations
Infosys Limited
"Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. We enable clients in 45 countries to navigate their digital transformation. Our partnership with WHU has strengthened many folds in the last decade and has been deeply enriching. It enables us to bring the best management students to our flagship program Infosys InStep, currently the #1 internship in the world. Our brilliant interns from WHU implement cutting-edge solutions to real-time industry problems along with engaging with other bright minds from around the world. The enthusiasm and competence of WHU students is what adds great value to the overall internship ecosystem. We are truly proud of our association with WHU."
Oliver Mohr
Account Manager
"WHU as a repository of academic rigor has become a target school of our recruiting efforts. Since our first attendance at the Career Day, we have grown a small family of WHU students at PIMCO and highly appreciate common values such as striving for excellence, integrity, and humbleness."

How you can recruit our talent depends on your target – our Vallendar campus is home to Bachelor and Master students just starting their careers, while our MBA students with several years of professional experience are located in Düsseldorf. In both groups, you can engage with an array of qualified and passionate candidates with diverse backgrounds to find and attract those who best fit your talent needs.

Please select which student group you would like to recruit from. 

Bachelor & Master Programs

Our Vallendar campus is home the Bachelor and Master programs covering various areas of Business Administration including Management, Finance, Entrepreneurship and Psychology.

  • Students are interested in internships mainly between May and August each year as part of their program
  • 6-month internships are popular amongst Bachelor students taking a gap year before starting their Master program, and also some second-year Master students
  • Final-year students of all programs look for full-time positions to start after graduation
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MBA (Post-Experience)

Our students from the Full-Time, Part-Time, and Global Online MBA programs:

  • have several years of work experience
  • have gained deep general management and leadership skills from their MBA and are equipped with skills needed to tackle problems and create opportunities for igniting growth
  • combine academic excellence with a solid grounding in the real business world
  • have in-depth industry knowledge and up-to-date customer insights