About In Praxi –
WHU Alumni Association

Studying at WHU creates a bond between students and their Alma Mater, and the WHU spirit lives on long after graduation. In Praxi, WHU’s alumni association, contributes to and supports this connection in many ways. So it’s not surprising that over 90 percent of all WHU graduates become members of In Praxi – WHU Alumni Association.

The non-profit organization was founded in 1988 by the members of the first graduating class at WHU. From its inception In Praxi has remained an independent, member-led and-financed organization whose members are eager to maintain their contact with the university and with one another after graduation. This large community benefits not only alumni and the school, but also current and future students.

In Praxi Services for Members

  • WHU Support (financial and practical)
  • In Praxi - Services and Events
  • In Praxi - Regional Chapters
  • In Praxi - Alumni Career Services (Career Day)
  • In Praxi - Alumni Career Services (Post Placement Program)
  • In Praxi - Member Benefits
  • In Praxi - Members Portal myInPraxi.org
  • In Praxi - Infomail (weekly)
  • Members’ magazine Keep in Touch! (quarterly)
  • Contact network (worldwide)

Opportunities for External Partners and Companies

  • Job placement for companies and recruitment agencies
  • Member Benefits partnership
  • Advertising opportunities
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