In Praxi Regional Chapters

In more than 20 regional chapters worldwide, alumni can locate and connect with other WHU graduates – often across boundaries of different degree programs, graduating classes, and career tracks.

Social activities for the entire family are supplemented by lecture events and company visits. The regional chapter gatherings also offer an opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions about the strategy and new developments of the university. University representatives are often directly present at these discussions – the Dean, for example, is not only a frequent guest at German regional chapter events, but he often includes visits to regional chapters around the world in his travel plans. The regional chapters also provide a valuable point of first contact for alumni who are moving to a new country or region.

If you have any questions concerning the In Praxi Regional Chapters, please contact Pia Pilger.

In Praxi Regional Chapters – Germany and worldwide

Berlin Sebastian Funke (D 2006)
Lennart Will (BSc 2015)
Cologne/Bonn Dr. Andrea Loehndorf (EMBA 2011)
Düsseldorf Clemens Boldt (MBA 2014)
Philipp Göhre (D 2003)
Frankfurt Rupert H. Graf Kerssenbrock (MLB 2014)
Valéri Friedrich Roland Pollentzke (MLB 2013)
Claus Schmitz (BSc 2015, Msc 2017)
Tobias Temmen (EMBA 2018)
Hamburg Martha Meyer (D 2005)
Ramón Romero Pérez (D 2003)
Oliver Prinz (D 2006)
Koblenz Dennis Zeiler (BSc 2014, MSc 2016)
Munich Johannes Zumpe (D 2002)
Tatjana Schmidt (D 2007)
Frank Hinnersen (EMBA 2002)
Nürnberg/Erlangen Franz-Josef Abs (D 1990)
Dr. Stefan Gossens (EMBA 2013)
East Westphalia/Lippe Frank Hippen (D 2002)
Niels Kokkeel (BSc 2010)
Stuttgart Oliver Rupps (D 1990)
Dr. Andreas Kirchkamp (D 2002)
Dr. Thomas Schneider (EMBA 2004)
Australia Sabina Schnelle (D 2003)
Canada Dr. Andreas Schroeter (D 2001, Promotion 2006)
Markus Kalina (BSc 2009, MSc 2011)
China/Shanghai Ekkehard Rathgeber (D 1991)
China/HK Tobias Doeringer (Friend)
France Stefan Bürkle (D 1995)
Israel Alon Saposhnik (MLB 2011)
London Christian Schilling (D 2007)
Alexander Voigt (D 2008)
Mexico/Portugal Jorge-Alberto Yarte-Sada (EMBA 2009)
Netherlands Kristin Böhme (D 2008)
Nordic Moritz Döring (BSc 2011)
Jannis Koehn (D 2008)
Russia Igor Shapiro (BSc 2014)
South East Asia/Singapore Martin Bahr (D 2002)
Tim Marbach (BSc 2008)
South Africa Dr. John Endres (D 1998, Promotion 2005)
Rolf Endres (D 2005)
Switzerland Kai Sautter (D 1995)
Anne Basner (MLB 2014)
Christopher Steffens (D 2000)
USA East Christian Busch (D 2001)
Dr. Stefan Duffner (D 2002)
USA West Morten C. Kühl (D 2007)


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