Mission Statement

  • In Praxi – WHU Alumni Association is a supportive, loyal and trustworthy partner for WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management. The association’s main interest is to foster the school’s development.
  • In Praxi is convinced that supporting WHU means supporting all its members and peers, namely faculty and employees, students, and alumni. All three together form what we call WHU.
  • In Praxi supports WHU ideationally and financially, with the latter being an important but nowhere the exclusive form of support.
  • In Praxi is and will remain an independent institution with close ties to WHU. In Praxi is convinced that its independency is the long-term basis for an extraordinary successful cooperation with WHU.
  • In Praxi acknowledges that supporting its members professionally, ideationally and socially is an equally important target.
  • In Praxi supports the trusting contact among its members – with regard to both personal and professional aspects. To achieve this goal, In Praxi provides the basis for a continuous and structured communication in form of an informative web-platform and a multitude of events.
  • In Praxi expects an attitude of responsibility and integrity from itself, all its members and partners.
"In Praxi – WHU Alumni Association"