SmartFlats Goethestraße

The house "SmartFlats Goethestraße"  at Goethestraße 8 is a house mainly for WHU exchange students. It is only a 5-10 minutes walking distance to WHU and only around 100 m uphill. Most of the apartments will be rent by exchange students.
Alltogether there are provided 48 single units with separate bathroom and kitchenette. The apartments are fully furnished and completely equipped so that you only have to bring with you your private belongings. The monthly rent is 505 € (only a very limited number) - 540 € including all additional costs and internet via WLAN.

This house  provides a laundry room with washing machines and dryers (all to be used with Euro coins).
Drivers have the possibility to rent a parking slot for their car - even some covered car parking! 

This house is a non-smoking area!