Finding accommodation in and around Vallendar

Instead of public notice boards, WHU students can access the online list on "my.whu" containing any apartments in the area that landlords have reported as being vacant.

New students looking for an initial foothold before beginning their studies, as well students returning from their semester abroad or wishing to move during the semester, can have a look to this list which is updated continuously. Accepted students will get the access automatically,  future WHU-members can ask for a "guest-account".

International students who are not familiar with Vallendar and have been unable to look for an apartment from abroad, or whose German language skills are insufficient for contacting landlords directly, can take advantage of the additional apartment-finding service. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept responsibility in the event that advertised apartments have already been rented out, or for any factual errors contained in the advertisements.




Photo of Philomena  Richartz

Philomena Richartz

Housing Manager Facility Management


Photo of Sabine  Neuer

Sabine Neuer

Housing Manager Facility Management

+49 (0)261 6509 506

The town hall of Vallendar