Private apartments

There is a very wide range of private apartments available, varying in terms of the level of furnishing, their size and their distance from WHU.

All apartments offered to international students are fully furnished, and include a fitted kitchen. Bed linen and bath towels are also provided. Some apartments also include a washing machine, whereas some landlords offer a washing service. Most apartments are designed for singles, comprising a bed/living room with a single bed or sofa bed, kitchen/kitchenette and bathroom.

Some apartments are offered as shared accommodation to two students. These comprise two bedrooms, each with a single bed, a kitchen and bathroom. Very few apartments have a separate living room. Some landlords or WHU students offer individual rooms for rent; in such cases, students have their own bedroom with a single bed, and the bathroom and kitchen are shared.

Most apartments do not come with existing telephone and television connections. Internet is provided, usually WLAN. The rent for private apartments ranges from around € 340 (shared flat) to € 600, partially plus utilities.

All private apartments are "non-smoking apartments".

Steuler Apt. 2 Kitchenette
Steuler Apt. 1 Bed and Desk
Steuler Apt. 2 Bathroom