Employee Benefits

Additional offers and services

Our employees’ health and well-being are very important to us, and we want all members of the WHU community to feel comfortable on campus. As we represent one of Germany’s best, most renowned business schools, it is our prerogative to strive for peak performance in all areas. Proper, sustainable working conditions are essential to achieving this goal. We are a modern, involved, and family-friendly employer committed to respectful, fair, and tolerant collaboration between us and our employees. They should be able to identify with WHU and develop professionally here, and it goes without saying that we offer them a wide range of offers.

WHU’s offerings are diverse and touch upon various areas of life. There are attractive opportunities for continued education and training, special fringe benefits, activities that promote one’s health, environmentally friendly mobility options, and more. A more detailed overview of our additional offers and services can be found here.

A Family-Friendly Organization

WHU was recently declared one of the most family-friendly companies in Mayen-Koblenz County, reaching #2 in the “100+ employees” category of the region’s biennial competition. WHU made a strong case for itself with its high degree of diversity, advanced digitalization, and overall family-friendliness.

Flexible Working Modes and Working from Home

With options for a flexible or part-time schedule, as well as the option to work from home, WHU is committed to improving the work-life balance of its employees.

Additional Time Off

At its own discretion, WHU also gives employees additional time off (whenever feasible) on days not considered official bank holidays in Germany, e.g., Shrove Monday (Carnival), Christmas Eve, or New Year’s Eve.

Child Services for Working Parents

In addition to a flexible working schedule, WHU offers high-quality childcare for children between the ages of one and three at its WHU Toddlers facility, located near the campus in Vallendar.

Health Day

Every two years, WHU organizes a Health Day on campus. WHU invites to this event various exhibitors to cover a range of health-related topics, such as health insurance, good nutrition, relaxation, posture, and more.

Health Checks

Employees have the opportunity to schedule appointments with health experts directly on campus. For example, they can have an eye exam or get tips and learn exercises for good posture.

The Company Pension Plan and Total Permanent Disability Insurance

WHU employees have a chance to start a pension fund through the school. The school also offers its employees total permanent disability insurance (in German, “Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherung”) with attractive rates.

Capital Forming Benefits

Apart from the pension plan, WHU offers capital forming benefits that serve to help employees build up their personal assets. The employer in this case pays directly into the investment chosen by the employee, e.g., into a building loan agreement or a savings account.

Affordable Insurance Rates

Select insurance providers offer WHU employees public sector rates, outfitted with a more reasonable premium. Such options can go toward, for example, car insurance or liability insurance.


WHU encourages various environmentally friendly mobility options and is committed to sustainability. WHU employees can make use of a Deutschland-Ticket (D-Ticket), JobRad (bicycle sharing), and the e-car charging stations located at the campus in Vallendar.

Employee benefits portal

WHU employees enjoy a wide variety of attractive offers from a diverse set of well-known brands, touching upon all areas of life—from technology to travel to fashion. The discounts can be redeemed both online and in store.

International Setting

WHU is a leading business school where professors, students, and staff from many different countries and cultures feel at home. The many intercultural exchanges that take place on campus, as well as the new insights and horizons we’re all able to explore, enrich the school and the members of this community.


Diversity and “cosmopoliteness” are two of WHU’s core values, the former of which the school advocates in a variety of ways. We have a Director of Diversity, who doubles as an Equal Opportunity Officer, as well as an Assistant Professor of Diversity. The school also encourages the use of an inclusive and sensitive diction and linguistic style, supports initiatives, leads campaigns, and regularly “takes the temperature” on campus. For more information on this topic, we recommend taking a look at the official Diversity website.


The confidants support other WHU employees with all questions and problems relevant to their work and working environment. They are elected by their peers to act as their representatives and handle all inquiries confidentially.

Personal Counseling

WHU considers itself a place where everyone treats one another with respect and appreciation. This is reflected in the school’s Code of Conduct. All members of the WHU community who have questions about discrimination—or who feel they may be the victim of discrimination—can reach out to the Discrimination Concerns Desk at WHU to receive personal, professional, and confidential advice.

Mental Health

Stress in the workplace can often be at the root of certain psychological problems. The pandemic has left behind its mark and has affected, perhaps forever, our daily lives and social environment. WHU supports its employees and cares about their state of mental health at the workplace. The school is ready to offer its assistance, aiming to allow for a better handling of certain situations. An internal and personal consultation, among other options, is available to all members of the WHU community.

WHU Events

It’s not only the students who have WHU spirit. Employees have it too! And that collegial spirit is seen in everything from the “open door policy” in place on campus to our regular group lunches. Additionally, WHU organizes several events for its employees throughout the year, including the Christmas party and company outing. With event series such as MeetMe@WHU, the “Newbie Meets WHU Lunch”, or Integration@Vallendar, students, faculty, and staff members, as well as residents of Vallendar, have a chance to get to know each other in a relaxed environment. Sporting events, such as the B2Run in Koblenz and Düsseldorf, or the Frankfurt Marathon also allow people a way to come together.

Mentoring Program

The mentors on campus, with their experience and knowledge, offer new employees support during their early days at WHU.

Attractive Options for Further Education

The school supports the professional and personal development of its employees in a variety of ways, whether through digital or in-person means: Rosetta Stone, LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Office training, an intercultural competence workshop, and much more.


WHU supports and promotes diversity on its campuses in all areas. For example, WHU communicates both internally and externally in German and in English, with both considered official working languages. WHU offers members of the faculty and staff ways to further hone their linguistic skills to allow for easy communication on campus and to guarantee that everybody has a chance to participate in all of the school’s offerings.

Health Courses

WHU regularly invites those interested to partake in (online or in-person) courses and talks held by external providers on specific health-related topics (e.g., coping with stress, or mental well-being). Those inclined can also sign up for a yoga course or another exercise program at the campus in Vallendar.

Mental Health Coach Certification

Employees at WHU have the opportunity to sign up for the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) program. Participants become certified upon completing the course.

Modern IT

WHU employees are given access to modern IT equipment, as well as to current tech and software (e.g., Microsoft Office 365 and a premium account with Grammarly).


Digitalization plays an important role in all areas of the school. The goal of the Center of Digitalization (CoD) is to push digital innovation on campus in a dynamic way—and always while staying in contact with professors, academic programs, IT, and other departments. The CoD has many offers on the table (e.g., advanced video-based solutions that can serve a variety of purposes) and contributes to the overall pedagogical innovation seen in WHU’s academic programs.


WHU has a mensa on its campus in Vallendar. From Monday to Friday, four hot meals (including a vegetarian option) and a salad bar are on offer. Additionally, the campus houses a bistro offering hot and cold drinks and snacks. There is also now a bistro area in the newly renovated Bogenhalle building at the campus in Düsseldorf, where students and employees can have a meal from an external provider or enjoy a packed lunch from home.


The campus in Vallendar houses a gym exclusively open to the WHU community, offering treadmills, exercise bikes, presses and benches, and free weights. The gym also offers technical instruction and classes (e.g., HIT, short for “high-intensity training,” and yoga) in both German and English. At the campus in Düsseldorf, WHU has arranged for a special membership with the gym located at the complex. All employees can benefit from this discount and access any of the chain’s other locations. Both Vallendar and Düsseldorf offer online courses.

Safety and First Aid

WHU regularly offers classes in First Aid at its campuses, thereby ensuring a sufficient number of trained first responders around. Employees are also welcome to participate in a fire safety training that entails completing a series of practical exercises.