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Since WHU was founded, the excellent education it offers has attracted numerous companies to our campus for recruitment purposes. Furthermore, university rankings show that the WHU has been one of the leading business schools in Germany since its inception. Companies that support the WHU have the opportunity to present themselves to students on campus during the semester. Recruiting on campus is a great way to increase your visibility with the student community and address your target audience in a personal and direct approach. Find more information on our offerings for companies in the following sections:

Companies that support the WHU as founder or benefactor have the possibility to present themselves exclusively to the students at a company presentation or workshop once a year. 

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Every year three Recruiting Fairs take place on the WHU campus: "Master Your Career" at the end of January, "Career Day" in September and "Founders Career Day" in November offer numerous possibilities to meet students from various programs.

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About a year before finishing their study program students of the Bachelor-, Master-, PhD- and MBA-Program are invited to create CVs which are uploaded on our online CV-database.

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WHU Job Database

Companies in search for highly qualified candidates for jobs or internships have the opportunity to post job openings free of charge on the WHU’s internal job database for students. 

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You would like to win highly qualified students of almost all programs for your company?
Post your job or internship offer - free of charge - in our internal database!

You are interested in the Recruiting Services of WHU and would like to discuss your options?
Please contact Heike Hülpüsch, Director Career Center:

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