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Job and Internship offers for Students and Graduates

You are interested in hiring WHU graduates or looking for interesting candidates for internships in Germany and around the world?

Upload your offer on our internal database - free of charge - and reach thereby not only highly qualified WHU students but also exchange students from our 200 international partner universities!

Please make sure you fill as many fields in the entry mask as possible as the search function works via these fields. Additionally, you can attach a pdf with your offer.

Please note:

Our bachelor and master students have left the campus and are now in their summer internship. They will return for the fall term at the end of August.

Please take into account students' timing when posting your offers.

  • Final year bachelor, master and mba students are interested in full-time positions. You can post these at any time, but keep in mind that most of these students will start working in the fall/winter of their graduating year.
  • Recent Bachelor graduates doing a Gap Year are also interested in year-round internship opportunities.
  • Master students have the option to pursue a second, voluntary internship in January-February during their second year of studies.

If you would like to post open positions but are unsure about how to best target our students, feel free to contact us!

Experienced Hire

If you are interested in publishing job openings for experienced candidates these would be posted in the post placement database, please contact In Praxi - WHU Alumni Association.

Student's availability for internships:

Students of the 
Bachelor and Master Program: compulsory internships (preferred duration 12 weeks) each year between May and August

Participants of the
Fulltime-MBA Program: April - June/July, prefereably in combination with a master thesis