Cooperation projects


This is where a company and a university instructor combine their efforts to work on a particular issue. The collaboration is governed by a corresponding project agreement that also provides for remuneration of the WHU capacity required. Talk to us about topics of interest to you!

Working group

If work on a particular issue makes it advisable to bring multiple companies to develop a solution, a university instructor undertakes the establishment and organization of a working group. This entity, too, is limited in duration and content and is based on a corresponding contractual agreement. One example of this approach is the Working Group on Management and Controlling in Public Institutions. Talk to us about topics for which you seek such an exchange!

Interest group/Community

An interest group is the proper format under which a larger number of companies are brought together for an extensive exchange of views on a specific subject over a longer period of time. To this end, a university instructor creates a certain community and organizes collaboration among its members. This does not result in significant costs to the companies involved. Examples of this form of cooperation are the Senior Advisor Circle Sales Management and the WHU Controller Panel.


If cooperation among several companies is even more in-depth, involving the provision of considerable capacity by a Chair or Institute, the Interest Group is transformed into a Center. While the basic arrangement is similar, the cooperation is considerably broader and extensive. As in the case of a Project, the capacity that the effort requires of the Chair is provided by the companies. An example of such a Center is the Center of Asset and Wealth Management. A Center is also an option for a different form of extensive cooperation between companies and WHU, one in which a company seeks the expertise of several professors from various disciplines in pursuit of an overarching question. An example of this is the Henkel Center for Consumer Goods (HCCG).

Chair Sponsor

Finally, particularly close cooperation between a company and a university instructor can also take the form of assumption of financing for the respective Chair. An example of such a funded Chair is the Allianz Endowed Chair of Finance.