Companies can also work together with WHU in the field of teaching. As with substantive cooperation in projects, etc., there is a wide range of opportunities here, too.

Participation in individual events

Under this arrangement, speakers from the company deliver lectures that provide students with practical insights while at the same time giving the company an opportunity to familiarize itself with the students. Most of these lectures are now integrated into courses in the various programs.

Collective course design

Here a course is designed through close collaboration between companies and university instructors. Course forms containing real-life cases are particularly well-suited for this. They are characterized by particularly high practical relevance and offer the company an opportunity to establish a close relationship with the students.

Assuming a course

Here a practitioner takes over an entire course, with responsibility for its design, execution, and providing an examination. The engagement usually takes place within the scope of an honorary professorship. The honorary professorship is linked to a long-term cooperation and extensive academic requirements. Among the honorary professors at WHU are Dr. Paul Achleitner (i.a. Chairman of the Board of Deutsche Bank ) and Dr. Edgar Ernst (i.a. President of the German Financial Reporting Enforcement Panel (DPR )).

Developing teaching cases

A large share of the academic training provided at WHU has a case-study orientation. In addition to internationally proven case studies, increased use is made of self-generated cases; these cases are made accessible internationally as well. The respective university instructor generates the case study; the company's task is to furnish the required information. Case studies offer companies an opportunity to become known by students around the world.