We keep WHU running –

We plan ahead and react flexibly.

"The cohesion and flexibility with which the WHU community has managed the COVID-19 pandemic so far fills me with great pride. I am very pleased that the general regulations will now allow us to return to standard teaching formats. The majority of WHU’s campus programs have already shifted back to on-campus teaching in April. From May 1, 2022 on, classroom teaching will be the general standard for all our campus programs, and hybrid lectures will only be offered as an exception to the rule. With a sense of mutual consideration and responsibility, we will all be able to ensure our mutual safety, thereby making the unique experience of studying at WHU possible to our fullest capacity."

– Professor Markus Rudolf, Dean of WHU  –

An overview of the COVID-19 regulations
on Campus in Vallendar and Düsseldorf

Due to the different state regulations in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia, different guidelines apply to both locations:

Your education & campus life

Organization of study programs at WHU –
Ensuring a stable learning experience.

All WHU programs are looking forward to welcoming back students with measures in place to ensure the health and safety of its staff, students, and faculty and to ensure a seamless learning experience. At the same time, we are still planning ahead, we are fully prepared for all scenarios  and are ready to react flexibly to all circumstances related to the coronavirus situation without loss of time. We are committed to assuring the highest quality education in the safest way possible. Please also visit our FAQ page for prospective students to find further information.

Visit our FAQ page for prospective students

Code of Conduct

Now more than ever it is important for WHU to be united as a community and to live out our motto of fostering courage and commitment always. Until now we have been following this path successfully as a family, and therefore even in the times of a crisis we kept trust in our values. There is no doubt, that all health and safety measures on the WHU campuses fall under the umbrella of the Code of Conduct which complements our vision, mission, and values.

The standards are applicable to all members of the WHU community in a multitude of contexts in order to secure their own safety, and the health of others.

Code of Conduct

Our courage and commitment

Courageous and committed –
WHU's values as the basis of all activities.

Dedicated to the safety of its community, WHU was one the first German business schools that decided to switch its teaching and working mode to a digital format. The following required extreme courage, strong sense of community, entrepreneurial thinking, and commitment to excellence from everybody involved.

Even in times of crisis, WHU stayed true to its mission and values taking the social responsibility not only for the WHU community, but also for society. WHU professors shared their expertise with the public in different formats explaining the impacts of the crisis, giving an outlook of the changes from different economic perspectives, and proposing innovative solutions.


Family & Trust

Despite social distancing, the feeling of support and mutual trust is stronger than ever. Together, as a community, we set and follow the rules to protect and hold each other up in this difficult time. The #wekeepWHUrunning campaign unites students, faculty, and staff across all social media channels.


Diversity & Internationality

WHU continues promoting diversity with a full commitment. All international students were able to engage in online courses and finish their semester on time. The Online MBA European Summer Program connected 85 students from 16 universities across Asia, Australia, and North America in live sessions. 


Passion & Innovation

Reacting to the lockdown, WHU promptly introduced various digital tools, and developed a series of tutorials to ensure an immediate switch to digital teaching and cooperation. The entrepreneurial spirit continues, and the school prepared and is ready to support all hybrid formats of the lectures.


Ambition & Performance

In spite of the turbulent times, the quality of the teaching at WHU remains on the same, exceptional level. WHU professors actively use their expertise to explain the economical perspective of the crisis, and how to lessen its impact, e.g. in the online session series "Business in a post-corona world – Impact of the current crisis on the future of businesses, markets and the economy."  

Community & excellence

The WHU community is providing academic expertise during the corona crisis, contributing to the socio-economical discourse, organizing fundraising events, or setting up start-ups. All of these activities strengthen the WHU spirit and give us the courage to grow. Learn more in our WHU Magazine.