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Asst. Professor Victor van Pelt

Finance and Accounting Group

Assistant Professor


+49 (0)261 6509 483

Research Interests
Victor van Pelt is an Assistant Professor who applies experimental research methods to accounting topics and questions. His research predominantly focuses on understanding how people produce, use, and respond to disclosure, accounting information, performance measures, and controls. Examples of questions that Victor van Pelt tackles with his research are: To what extent does the prospect of rotating to another business unit change how a manager reports to upper management? Why are managers more reluctant do to let go of control over their employees than take control over their employees? To what extent do different types of investors read and interpret text contained in financial disclosures differently? To what extent does public disclosure of firms’ tax numbers by tax authorities affect investors’ perceptions of tax fairness?

Short Biography
Victor van Pelt (‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, 1988) obtained his Bachelor of Science from Tilburg University and later received the title of Master of Science from the same university. After completing the two-year Research Master program, Victor van Pelt continued to pursue a Ph.D. in Accounting at the Department of Accountancy at Tilburg University from September 2015 to June 2019. Part of Victor’s research was carried out at Cornell University in 2016 and Emory University in 2019.

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