Centers are a key component of practical research activities at the WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management. They serve in particular to facilitate greater depth of research in particular areas and enable close integration of theory and practice.

This integration is multifaceted:

  • The Centers generally include advisory boards incorporating both established companies and business personalities.
  • The research conducted by the Centers has a strong empirical focus. This includes intensive case studies as well as numerous survey-backed analyses.
  • The Centers organize various practice-oriented conferences and conventions.
  • The findings from such research and practical cooperation ventures are reported in scientific journals, in the form of dissertations, and via comprehensive promotional activities in practice-oriented publications.

The holders of individual chairs at WHU are primarily responsible for the orientation and development of the various Centers. Some of the Centers are also headed by two university instructors. The Centers are financed for the most part by external funds. The ability to secure such funds ensures the efficacy and efficiency of the Centers’ work and is another reflection of the successful union of theory and practice.

The following Centers are currently in place at the WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management:

  • WHU Asia Center
  • Center for Collaborative Commerce
  • Center for Controlling & Management
  • Center for EUropean Studies
  • Center of Asset and Wealth Management
  • Center for Sports and Management
  • Entrepreneurship Center
  • Financial Accounting and Tax Center
  • Henkel Center for Consumer Goods
  • Center for Market-Oriented Corporate Management
  • Center for Responsible Leadership