Case Studies

Cases are outstanding vehicles for teaching and training. They put case users into the shoes of a decision maker who faces a particular business challenge. As such, cases allow a teacher or trainer to give learning groups the experience of working on real-life challenges inside the classroom. Participants enjoy working with cases because they usually lead to vigorous in-class discussions. The fact that cases are specific and concrete makes the content sticky: We all remember certain cases for a very long time, if not forever. 

Cases are also bridges. They bridge the gap between the clear structure of conceptual models and frameworks on the one hand and the complexity and detailof the real world on the other hand. However, to serve as a bridge, the case Story as such must be an interesting piece to read from a journalistic standpoint. In addition, to serve as effective teaching material, the case must offer trainers andteachers some background of a conceptual and pedagogical nature.

The Asia Center has published the following case studies:

HTS – Catching the Dragon with Premium Service, 2008, 22 pages, Ref.-No. 309-053-1
Renault Riding New Waves – The Dacia Logan: Turning around Sales, not Cars, 2008, 21 pages, Ref.-No. 309-054-1
EBIT and Ethics: Corporate Social Responsibility at Merck Ltd, Thailand, 2008, 23 pages, Ref.-No. 708-010-1
The Merck Excellence Check: Maintaining Business Success at Merck Ltd, Thailand, 2008, 19 pages, Ref.-No. 608-005-1
Anja Gockel London Goes East - An Internationalization Strategy for a High-End Fashion Brand, 2008, 20 pages, Ref.-No. 308-312-1
BASF Coatings: Production Going East, 2007, 15 pages, Ref.-No. 307-340-1
CDP Bharat Forge: Forging a German-Indian Enterprise, 2007, 19 pages, Ref.-No. 307-341-1
Connecting the Real and Virtual World: Sony BMG’s Market Entry into Second Life, 2007, 25 pages, Ref.-No. 507-138-1
Note on Business Footprint Optimization, 2007, 7 pages, Ref.-No. 307-361-5
Fraport Goes International - An Internationalization Opportunity in China for an Airport Operator, 2006, 29 pages, Ref.-No. 306-492-1
BASF AG - The Nanjing Project: A Major Investment in China, 2006, 16 pages, Ref.-No. 306-493-1
Jamba! - Digital Internationalization, 2006, 14 pages, Ref.-No. 806-046-1
The Awakening Giant - Volkswagen in China, 2006, 17 pages, Ref.-No. 605-023-1
Zwiesel Kristallglas AG - International Roll-out in a Traditional Industry (A), 2006, 16 pages, Ref.-No. 306-205-1
BASF Global Procurement Petrochemical Products: Challenges in Changing Global Commodity Markets, 2005, 25 pages, Ref.-No. 605-024-1
Bayer Materialscience: Responsible Operations in Thailand and China, 2005, 23 pages, Ref.-No. 705-025-1
FC Bayern Munich: Trophies for International Expansion, 2005, 22 pages, Ref.-No. 305-538-1
FC Bayern Munich: Trophies for International Expansion (Chinese Version), 2005, 24 pages, Ref.-No. C305-538-1
The Awakening Giant: Volkswagen in China, 2005, 17 pages, Ref.-No. 605-023-1
The BOC Group: Developing a High-Tech Services Business in Taiwan, 2005, 23 pages, Ref.-No. 805-028-1
Merck Indonesia: The Asian Demand Chain Challenge, 2004, 23 pages, Ref.-No. 304-149-1
Shanghai Volkswagen: Implementing Project Management in the Electrical Engineering Division, 2004, 18 pages, Ref.-No. 304-561-1
Taming the Elephant: Turnaround of Mercedes-Benz India Limited, 2004, 14 pages, Ref.-No. 304-105-1
Volkswagen Purchasing: Reverse Auctions in Japan, 2004, 18 pages, Ref.-No. 304-397-1
Sony Music Entertainment (Germany) GmbH: Writing the New Song, 2003, 25 pages, Ref.-No. 303-092-1
Xelibri: A Siemens Mobile Adventure **BEST SELLING CASE**, 2003, 18 pages, Ref.-No. 303-074-1
Xelibri: Una aventura de Siemens Mobile (Spanish Version), 2003, 21 pages, Ref.-No. E303-074-1

All case studies can be ordered through the website of The Case Centre.