Monday, 13. November 2017

New article by Felix Reimann, Tobias Kosmol, and Lutz Kaufmann published in Journal of Supply Chain Management

A research paper entitled “Responses to Supplier-Induced Disruptions: A Fuzzy-Set Analysis” by Felix Reimann, Tobias Kosmol, and Lutz Kaufmann has been published in the Journal of Supply Chain Management (JSCM)JSCM ranks among the leading academic journals in the field of Supply Chain Management. It has been ranked first or second across supply chain and operations management journals for seven consecutive years, based on its ISI Impact Factor.

Supplier-induced disruptions are critical events that can either lead to dysfunctional conflict or spark more fruitful collaboration in buyer–supplier interactions. The study presents an in-depth qualitative investigation of 60 response processes following supplier-induced disruptions in Western–Chinese buyer–supplier relationships. It explores how cognitive, behavioral, and structural factors across the individual and organizational levels of analysis combine in complex ways to give rise to either dysfunctional conflict or constructive interaction in the aftermath of supplier-induced disruptions. Because little is known about the cognitive underpinnings of responses to supply chain disruptions, the study investigates the specific role of managerial cognition. The configurational fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis (fsQCA) across the individual and organizational level identifies two archetypes associated with dysfunctional conflict and three archetypes associated with constructive interaction. These findings are the foundation of a middle-range theory for responses to supplier-induced disruptions that bridges different levels of analysis and accounts for the role of managerial cognition.