International Commerce Review: ECR Journal

The International Commerce Review is a unique journal which aims to bridge the gap between consumer goods industry practitioners (both retailers and manufacturers) and academics, to the mutual benefit of both sides. The Review brings academics’ best work to the attention of practitioners, and it communicates practitioners’ research priorities and interests to academics. The Review keeps readers up-to-date with the latest research and new thinking in consumer goods in a cross-disciplinary way. Core areas of interest include the challenges, opportunities and pitfalls in collaboration and cooperation between organisations, across borders and between consumers, retailers and suppliers.

The Review also deals with areas that contribute to improved supply chain workings including improved consumer insight and understanding, better marketing and merchandising, logistics, the evolution of retail formats, use of data, technology, standards, and so on. While the Review has an illustrious academic editorial board, it presents its material – both new research and path-breaking work already published elsewhere – in easy-to-read, straightforward ‘non-academic’ ways in order to broaden its appeal to practitioners.

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