The education is based on the three pillars of our philosophy:

The will to lead

  • Personal Growth (Professor Dr. Weigand)
  • Team and Individual Coaching (Professor Dr. Kerrick, Mr. Drath)
  • Authentic Leadership (Professor Dr. Högl)
  • Learning Groups / Reflection (Professor Dr. Weigand)

The skill to lead

  • Executive Leadership - Styles and Personalities (Professor Dr. Högl)
  • Leadership Communication (Mr. von Hoensbroech)
  • Leadership Practice (Mr. Kraus)
  • Intercultural Awareness (Mr. Reza-Ahmari)
  • Organizational Behavior (Professor Dr. Högl)
  • Spread (Mr. Turrell)

The integrity to lead

  • Leadership Credo (Professor Dr. Weigand, Prof. Högl)
  • Business Ethics (Professor Dr. Parboteeah)
  • Ethics in Management (Dr. Müthel)