WHU Financial Accounting & Tax Center (FAccT Center)

Resources for financial researchers and decision makers

Mission Statement

The WHU FAccT Center is dedicated to generating and disseminating scientific knowledge about the economic consequences of financial accounting and taxation that is relevant to students, practitioners and policy makers.



David Windisch (University of Graz) visiting FAccT Center Research Seminar

On May 10th 2019, David Windisch (University of Graz) presented his current research topic "Measuring Accounting Comparability" (co-authored with Skylar DeTure - University of Texas at...



Pietro Bonetti (IESE Business School) visiting FAccT Center Research Seminar

On March 8th 2019, Pietro Bonetti (IESE Business School) presented his current topic "Disclosure Regulation and Corporate Acquisitions" (co-authored with Miguel Duro and Gaizka Ormazabal,...



Michele Fabrizi (University of Padova) visiting FAccT Center Research Seminar

On March 1st, 2019, Michele Fabrizi (University of Padova) presented his current research topic "Criminal Firms and Peer Firm Tax Avoidance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment" (co-authored...


Topics of Interest

FAccT Center Members regularly speak on current accounting and tax topics, including

  • The use of financial statements in equity valuation, the determination of distributable and taxable profits, as well as corporate governance
  • National and International Accounting Standards, Management Reporting, and Disclosure
  • Accounting Quality, Accounting Policy and Accounting Fraud
  • Fair Value Accounting and Accounting of Research and Development, M&A Transactions, Pension Obligations, Income Taxes, Property, Financial Instruments and Hedge Accounting
  • Business Analysis and Business Valuation
  • Taxes and Investment Decisions
  • Corporate Tax Avoidance

We also invite you to attend our FAccT Center Research Seminar. Please contact us.