Henkel Center for Consumer Goods

Welcome at the Henkel Center for Consumer Goods

The objective of the center is to contribute to the research of consumer goods in different areas, especially of marketing, controlling and procurement, and to encourage an intensive collaboration with business.



Impulse Session at the Henkel Headquarters

As part of a new, digitally delivered format, WHU Professors Lutz Kaufmann and Felix Reimann gathered at the Henkel Headquarters in Düsseldorf to discuss the managerial implications of WHU’s latest...



Guest Lecture by Xavier Martin, Henkel, on "Brand Management at Henkel Consumer Adhesives”

Professor Brexendorf's BSc course "Brand Management"



Case Study with Robert Ruiz-Hernandez, Head of IoT/Robotics at Henkel

Professor Brexendorf's MSc course "Product & Shopper Marketing"


Tim Oliver Brexendorf is Co-Editor of the Journal of Brand Management: Advanced Collections series. This series provides definitive and comprehensive coverage of broad subject areas in brand management. Organized thematically the series covers historically popular topics along with new and burgeoning areas that the journal has been instrumental in developing, showcasing the incremental and substantial contributions that the journal has provided.

Advances in Luxury Brand Management (2017)
Jean-Noël Kapferer, Joachim Kernstock, Tim Oliver Brexendorf, Shaun M. Powell

Advances in Corporate Branding (2017)
John M. T. Balmer, Shaun M. Powell, Joachim Kernstock, Tim Oliver Brexendorf