Wednesday, 08. April 2015

Annual Board Meeting 2015 of CMM in Vallendar

The annual board meeting of the Center of Market-Oriented Corporate Management (CMM), chaired by Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Hermann Simon took place on March 25, 2015 on the WHU-Campus in Vallendar. The center acts as an exchange platform for science and business focusing on market-oriented questions. As the chairman of the board Professor Simon started the meeting and introduced three new members for election which where accepted by the members concordant: Dr. York Nelius, Bernd Wieczorek and Rolf Sigmund. Dominic Bergers, Research Assistant at the Otto Beisheim Endowed Chair for Marketing and Commerce, will assist Professor Fassnacht with the Management of the CMM.

In the beginning of the meeting, Professor Fassnacht reported about the recent development at WHU, news about the CMM and the Otto Beisheim Endowed Chair of Marketing and Commerce. While doing this, Fassnacht presented the new slogan “We inspire Marketing” of the Chair and its three key pillars: Practice, Teaching and Research. Furthermore, Professor Simon and Professor Fassnacht informed the members about the near release of the fourth edition of their book-classic “Preismanagement” (engl.: Price Management). Also, the attractiveness of the teaching at the Chair has been increased significantly by guest lectures as well as real life case studies with companies such as Breuninger, L’Oréal, Lufhansa Consulting, Miele and Amazon.

The events organized by the Chair have been another part on the agenda. This year, the 6th edition of the WHU-Campus for Marketing will take place. The ideas and recommendations of the members provided valuable insights in increasing the attractiveness of the agenda and the improvement of the event. In the following Annabelle Scharwey, Research Assistant at the Chair of Marketing and Commerce presented her work on “Social Distance in Luxury Retail: How Status Affects Customer-Salesperson Relationships”. The practical relevance of her chosen topic could clearly be proven by the following intensive discussion of the members. On invitation by Professor Simon and Professor Fassnacht Ulrich Selzer held a presentation on “What Customer Orientation Means in Automotive Industry”. Mr. Selzer presented the significant increase in sales of car manufacturer Seat and explained it with the example of its new orientation towards young families. Furthermore, he explained how Seat is dealing with the change in customer behavior in the digital era.

The aim of CMM in being a platform of exchange between science and business has been more than successful again. We are looking forward to working on the planned activities and the future cooperation with our members.