Objectives and Activities

CMM perceives itself as an exchange platform for scientific research and business management on market-oriented topics. Through this mutual exchange, substantial contributions to the research field of market-oriented corporate management are made possible. Hence, this particular research area as well as the respective methods and instruments for market-oriented corporate management within companies are being enhanced.

Market-oriented corporate management means that a company’s entire structure is subordinated to the dictum of creating customer value. This definition is mainly inner-directed.

CMM offers the following activities in order to guarantee an exchange between the scientific field and business management and to further enhance market-oriented corporate management:

  • In the spring of each year, the chairman of the advisory board and the scientific director of the center invite to the annual board meeting. In this meeting, current and future research projects are presented and discussed. This procedure assures that research projects conducted at CMM and at the Otto Beisheim Endowed Chair of Marketing and Commerce are both of academic relevance and of importance to business management.
  • The scientific and the management-oriented results of the various projects on market-oriented corporate management are communicated by CMM. Thereby they may facilitate true exchange.

Also, teaching at WHU incorporates these findings. 

  • CMM supports academic work and co-operations on market-oriented corporate management on a national and international scale.
  • In order to encourage the interchange of scientific research and business management, the WHU-Campus for Marketing was introduced in 2010.