Welcome to the DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER Endowed Chair of Intergenerational Economic Policy

The Chair of Intergenerational Economic Policy, endowed by DIE FAMILIENUNTERNEHMER, was launched in August 2014 and staffed by Professor Dr. Christian Hagist. The curriculum complements the economic studies at WHU selectively by the aspect of sustainability. The research focus is consistently in the fiscal sustainability of political reforms, particularly in the area of health policy.


Monday, 23. October 2017

Campus for Family Business

12th Conference for Family Business at WHU


Friday, 20. October 2017

Demographics Award for Christian Hagist

Pension and Intergenerational Balance – A case study of Norway, Poland and Germany using Generational Accounting


Monday, 16. October 2017

Cui bono? - Universal Health Insurance and Germany’s Civil Servants

New Working Paper published


Thursday, 12. October 2017

In Praxi Outstanding Thesis Award for Philip von Wedel

Award for the Masterthesis "The Digitalization of the Patient-Physician Relationship"


Professor Dr.

Christian Hagist



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