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The Institute for Industrial Organization, led by Professor Jürgen Weigand, analyzes competitive markets and their implications for business strategies and their applicability to the strategic decision processes of business leaders and teams.
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Research at the leading edge – Focusing on economics for strategic leaders.

The research focus of the Institute members is the economics of firms and industries and, in particular, its implications for competitive markets and politics. 

Research projects have been conducted in the fields of theoretical and empirical industrial organization, competition policy and regulation, computational economics, business simulations, monetary economics, corporate governance, and sport economics.

Graphic illustrating the research interests and activities of the Institute for Industrial Organization

Strategy podcast – HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY

In their podcast, Christian Underwood and Professor Jürgen Weigand demystify the myth of strategy and at the same time show how to win with strategic work in these volatile times.

Thereby there are the formats: Knowledge, Conversation, Stories and Interviews with renowned strategy makers* from the corporate front.

You can find the episode on WHU Knowledge, everywhere podcasts are available or here:

Book Cover Hoffnung ist keine Strategie by Christian Underwood and Professor Jürgen Weigand

HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY – StrategyFrame®: The smart way to make strategy work

In uncertain times, only one thing is certain: Hope is not a strategy, and a forward-looking focus is more important for companies than ever before. At the same time, strategizing represents an immense feat of strength for entrepreneurs, executives and employees.

That is why Christian Underwood and Professor Jürgen Weigand have developed the StrategyFrame®. It brings order to the strategy process and creates a clear and comprehensible picture of the realignment through joint work. In the process, strategic know-how and momentum is generated among all participants and stakeholders.

Language: German
Published: May 17, 2023
Publisher: Campus Verlag

Book cover Hoffnung ist keine Strategie by Christian Underwood and Professor Jürgen Weigand

The International Handbook of Competition, Second Edition – Shaping modern competition policy.

The book aims to further our understanding of how economic reasoning and legal expertise complement each other in defining the fundamental issues and principles in competition policy. In specially commissioned chapters the book provides a scholarly review of economic theory, empirical evidence and standards of legal evaluation with respect to monopolization of markets, exploitation of market power and mergers, among other issues.

Book cover The International Handbook of Competition by Manfred Neumann and Professor Jürgen Weigand

Completing a Final MBA Project at the Institute for Industrial Organization

Please contact Professor Weigand directly (cc Phares Akari) with a potential topic or your general research interest. We will contact you so that we can define the project outline together.

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Ilona Thelen
Ilona Thelen
Personal Assistant
Professor, Ph.D.
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Professor, Ph.D. David Audretsch
Honorary Professor
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Martin Prause
Professor (interim) Martin Prause
Economics Group University of Koblenz/Landau
Phares Akari
Phares Akari
Research Assistant
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Jieyu Zhang
Research Assistant

Keeping in touch – Meet our alumni.

The Institute for Industrial Organization has over 25 alumni working in academic institutions and business and we maintain close contact with them.

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