Welcome to the IHK-Chair of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

The IHK-Chair of Small and Medium Sized-Enterprises was founded in the year of WHU's 30th anniversary 2014. Under the leadership of Professor Dr. Christina Günther, it strenghtens the profile of the university in the fields of "transfer between science and practice" and "research on SME".

As a mediator for the transfer of knowledge between WHU and regional companies, the Chair places a special emphasis on the continuous exchange between science and practice. In joint projects, cooperative designed student theses and active networking with mutual business and unversity visits, this claim is consistently maintained.


Thursday, 06. April 2017

Handicrafts go digital

Visiting the Chamber of Handicrafts Koblenz


Thursday, 06. April 2017

IHK-Hochschulpreis 2017 – MSc Thesis awarded

Economy meets science: On 28 March 2017, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Koblenz awarded students and scholars from all universities in the region of Koblenz for their outstanding...


Tuesday, 04. April 2017

How a medium-sized firm performs international activities?

Guest lecture by Jörg Unger


Tuesday, 07. March 2017

Disrupting the Meat Industry: Tissue Culture Beef

Guest lecture of Mark Post, Professor of Vascular Physiology, Maastricht University



Professor Dr.

Christina Günther