Welcome to the IHK-Chair of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

The IHK-Chair of Small and Medium Sized-Enterprises was founded in the year of WHU's 30th anniversary 2014. Under the leadership of Professor Dr. Christina Günther, it strenghtens the profile of the university in the fields of "transfer between science and practice" and "research on SME".

As a mediator for the transfer of knowledge between WHU and regional companies, the Chair places a special emphasis on the continuous exchange between science and practice. In joint projects, cooperative designed student theses and active networking with mutual business and unversity visits, this claim is consistently maintained.


Friday, 09. December 2016

Innovation in family firms and governance

A new publication by Prof. Dr. Günther (with Prof. Dr. Carolin Decker; University of Bremen) in Small Business Economics: An Entrepreneurship Journal explores the impact of family ownership on...


Friday, 09. December 2016

EU roaming regulations: “New rules, new games”

It is a game over for the European roaming telecommunication market. By June 2017, there will be zero charges on roaming data within Europe. There are “new rules, new game” for the EU...


Friday, 09. December 2016

Economics of freemium model: disrupting the Gaming industry

In 2016, the global gaming industry recorded a growth of 99.6 billion USD. This record growth was 60% generated by the freemium model. The word freemium is a combination of two words; free and...


Tuesday, 13. December 2016

Koblenzer Hochschulpreis 2016

On November 17, the „Koblenzer Hochschulpreis“ (Koblenz University Award) sponsored by the “Förderkreis Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft in der Hochschulregion Koblenz e.V.” (Business and Science Alliance...



Professor Dr.

Christina Günther