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Opinion: Why the announced multi-billion euro tech fund is a bad idea
Dries Fames
February 9, 2022
Co-evolution of platform architecture, platform services, and platform governance
Marin Jovanovic
May 20, 2021
From alpha males to diplomats: Why we need a new generation of leaders for ecosystem innovation
Dries Faems
March 2, 2021
NVIDIA's bis for ARM: How the acquisition of an ecoystem catalyst fuels geopolitical battlegrounds
Herve Kubwimana
September 29, 2020
The impact of virtual collaboration on teams' innovation potential: More efficiency but less creativity
Anna-Lena Höcker
August 19, 2020
Opinion: The fierce battle between EPIC Games and Apple shows the inherent vulnerability of business ecoystems
Dries Faems
August 14, 2020
How to execute digital disruption of business models in disruptive times: Why corporates need to move from innovation safe-spaces to innovation switchboards
Dries Faems
May 14, 2020
10 clear signals of innovation theater
Dries Faems
April 30, 2020
Opinion: German companies have unique options to continue investing in research and development despite Corona crisis
Dries Faems
April 20, 2020
Opinion: Investing in new technologies will not save German car manufacturing industry
Dries Faems
February 12, 2020
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer: Why competition is essential for healthy ecosystems
Marcus Holgersson
December 13, 2019
How to build successful ecosystems: A snackbar in Brussels as the ultimate example
Dries Faems
November 15, 2019
How to build successful partnerships between companies and research institutes
Dries Faems
October 31, 2019

Facts & Figures

Graphic on Hotspots for Digital Education in Germany
Hotspots for Digital Education in Germany
Applying textual machine learning on 6807 German companies, we analyzed which German cities have most companies working on digital solutions for education. Berlin clearly represents the most important hotspots, whereas Munich represents the second digital education hotspot in Germany.
Graphic on Machine Learning Hotspots for Logistics in Germany
Entrepreneurial Discovery of Machine Learning Hotspots for Logistics in Germany
Using topic modeling we identified logistics as an important application domain for machine learning. Our analyses clearly point to Berlin and Bavaria as the two regions with most entrepreneurial acitivity for machine learning in the logistical application domain.
Graphic on European Hotspots for machine learning in the area of robotics and automation
Entrepreneurial Discovery of European Machine Learning Hotspots: Robotics and Automation
Analyzing company descriptions of 2990 entrepreneurial firms, we see that Berlin, Baden-Wurttemberg and Bayern belong to the entrepreneurial European hotspots for machine learning in the area of robotics and automation.
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