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Reimar Belschner

External Doctoral Student

Since March 2021, Reimar Belschner has been pursuing his doctorate as an external doctoral student at the Institute for Family Business at WHU.

In his dissertation, he investigates the relationship between societal challenges and innovation in family businesses. In doing so, he follows his interest in both social and business affairs.

Growing up in a small family business, Reimar studied political science, history and literature in Germany and abroad. After finishing his studies, he worked in international cooperation at the intersection of economic development and conflict prevention in South America and West Africa. In 2019, Reimar returned to Germany where he has until recently worked as management consultant focusing on business transformation and change management.

Please feel free to get in touch via email or LinkedIn.

Research interests:

  • Change management
  • Non-tech / organizational innovation
  • Social innovation
  • Next generation

Curriculum Vitae

McKinsey & Company, Inc.
United Nations
GIZ - German Corporation for International Cooperation GmbH

Oxford University – Oxford, United Kingdom
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg – Heidelberg, Germany
Queen's University – Kingston, Canada

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