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Current and former Bachelor and Master Theses

Seminar: Family Business and Entrepreneurship Research Seminar (BSc)

This seminar prepares students for academic research in family business, with a particular focus on excelling in literature reviews. Beginning with an introductory lecture on family business distinctiveness, key theoretical frameworks, and literature review methods, students collaborate to conduct a literature review on a selected family business topic. In addition, the seminar includes the application of the theoretical framework to real-life case studies. The seminar includes a mid-semester Q&A lecture and individual coaching sessions to help students prepare their use cases and write effective research papers.

Managing the Family Business (BSc)

This course aims to provide an in-depth understanding of family businesses, which represent a significant proportion of global businesses. Students will learn about the unique characteristics of family businesses and theoretical frameworks. The curriculum focuses on strategic management aspects such as leadership, succession planning and governance, as well as the concept of transgenerational entrepreneurship. The combination of theoretical concepts with guest lectures from family-owned businesses is a unique experience and ideal for those who want to work in, consult with, or start a family business.

Value Creation in Family Firms (MSc)

The goal of this course is to examine how family firms differ from non-family firms, with a focus on leadership and management in the 21st century. It includes an in-depth exploration of the theoretical foundations of family business and a practical group consulting project. Students will analyze a selected family business in terms of growth potential, succession planning, and more. The course includes individual coaching sessions for personal development and project progress, and culminates in a presentation of their findings. It's ideal for those who want to work in, consult with, or start a family business.

Family Businesses in the German and Global Market (MBA)

This course examines the importance and uniqueness of family businesses, both globally and in the German context. It begins with an exploration of why family firms matter and what makes them different, including global variations. The course then looks at leadership in family firms, weighing the pros and cons of family management versus external management, exploring different leadership roles, and discussing succession processes. This course is designed for those interested in the intricacies of family business operations and leadership on a global scale.

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