Through commitment to rigorous, interdisciplinary analysis of issues of substantial relevance and in close collaboration with the industry, we aspire to stimulate fresh educational content, inspire business leaders, develop effective management tools and practices, and inform current public policy debates.

Our research is organized into three tracks:

Peer-to-peer accommodation rentals, budget airlines, Islamic banking, microbreweries, income generation associations in rural Africa, ride-sharing businesses, organic supermarkets, biotechnology and social venture capital are among the many organizational forms that have emerged recently to exploit some market opportunity by means of a radically different business model often to the detriment of an incumbent population of firms. In this track, we probe such questions as

  • Why, where and how do new business models and organizational forms emerge?
  • How do new business models/new organizational forms compete with established models/forms, gain acceptance, diffuse and come to dominate?
  • How do the processes of emergence, rivalry, diffusion and growth differ across base-of the pyramid countries, emerging markets and mature economies? 
  • How do new business models/organizational forms generate socio-economic change and reconfigure the basis of competition in industries?

Growth ecosystems are engines of start-up formation, scaling, talent development and technical and social progress. They have become indispensible elements in the economic development strategies of governments around the world.

In such systems, venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) play prominent roles. Our research investigates the inner workings of VC/PE firms, their operational mechanics and their value generation.

We also analyze:

  • What determines VC/PE activity in emerging markets?
  • How does VC behavior differ in emerging markets?
  • How much value/innovation does PE foster in emerging market economies?
  • How do emerging market start-ups and firms deal with VC/PE?
  • How do PE firms extract value from emerging market firms?

An important component of our research agenda concerns explaining the origin and early life of a firm and how firms compete, regenerate and stay entrepreneurial as they evolve.

Some of the key questions we examine include:

  • How do founders’ early choices regarding strategy, structure and governance affect the way the company evolves, competes and adapts?
  • How can organizations remain nimble, flexible, responsive, innovative and entrepreneurial while growing?
  • How should firms transform their identity as they grow and meet more rivals?
  • How should mature firms identify, develop and exploit new, innovative resource combinations and growth opportunities?
  • What is the best way to acquire talent from rivals and how to deploy talent strategically?
  • How should firms design, develop and manage corporate venture capital?
  • How to execute corporate entrepreneurship through acquisitions in emerging markets? 
  • How can emerging markets firms become innovation organizations?
  • How should firms craft business models and innovations for emerging economies and frontier markets?
  • How should firms source and exploit emerging market innovations?

Professor Dr.

Serden Ozcan


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