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The Institute of Family Business at WHU (ifb@WHU) is a thought leader in the family business field.

With a dedicated team of 15 scholars and practitioners, we aim to study different aspects of family firms. Our most current research projects, for instance, aim to advance our understanding of innovation, leadership, succession, and financing of family firms as well as family offices.

But creating new insights is not enough. We also strive to discuss, transfer, and extend those insights in discussions with practitioners. This works out best by maintaining a continuous dialogue amongst scholars and practitioners. Our aim is to generate impact for family businesses. 



We're hiring!

Motivated and smart research assistant / doctoral student with interest in family firm research wanted! Start date: Spring 2018 at the Vallendar Campus of WHU. For more information, please see:...



WHU – Campus for Family Business 2017

This year's "Campus for Family Business" took place on the 13th of October. The motto of this year's event was: „Entrepreneurship in Familienunternehmen – Langfristiges Denken in unsicheren Zeiten“.



Campus for Family Business

12th Conference for Family Business at WHU


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