At the Chair of Sports and Management, we explore individual behavior through the lenses of professional sports. In particular, we are interested in better understanding factors that shape individual consumer decision-making as well as in exploring the role of the various determinants of employee performance. In this context, our interdisciplinary research touches on a wide variety of phenomena, including the divergent roles of awards, beauty, competitive balance, feedback and superstars. Thus far, our research has been almost exclusively quantitative in nature. Specifically, we are focusing on the many advantages of natural and field experiments to test assumptions and models.

Current research projects (excerpt):

  • Consumer responses to variations in competitive balance
  • Employee performance enhance through nonmonetary incentives, e.g. awards and feedback

Our research has been documented in numerous international peer-reviewed journals including Psychology & Marketing, Review of Managerial Science and Sport, Business and Management: An International Journal.


Professor Dr.

Sascha L. Schmidt

Chairholder / Director CSM

+49 (0)211 44709 740