Finance & Accounting Group

The Finance and Accounting Group brings together independent chairs of

and aims to leverage research synergies across related fields.

Academic members of the Finance and Accounting Group

Full Professors:

Honorary Professors:

Assistant Professors:

External Lecturers:

Senior fellows:

All chairs are supported by academic staff. The Group maintains the Center for Private Banking and the Financial Accounting & Tax (FAccT) Center. The Group’s primary purpose is to coordinate teaching across the chairs involved.

Group Speaker

Professor Dr.

Mei Wang



Next WHU Research Seminar in Finance

14. Nov. 2017
1.45 pm , D-101

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Lehnert,
University of Luxembourg
"Risk Aversion, Sentiment and the Cross Section of Stock Returns"



Next WHU Research Seminar in Accounting & Tax

17. November 2017, 11h, E-103

Christian Laux, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien.