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WHU Tax Readings Group

Constructive exchange on new tax research

The WHU Tax Readings Group was formed in January 2016 to encourage doctoral students and faculty to discuss new tax research and provide feedback to authors. We meet on a monthly basis to discuss current working papers and correspond with the authors to provide timely and constructive feedback. Martin Jacob (Professor), Lisa Hillmann (Assistant Professor), Barbara Stage (Assistant Professor), Robert Vossebürger (Doctoral Student), Thorben Wulff (Doctoral Student) and Kira Zerwer (Doctoral Student) are regularly in attendance, as well as other members of the WHU Accounting and Finance Group.

We welcome papers concerning a wide range of tax topics and methods. Please contact Martin Jacob (below) to propose your working paper for discussion by our WHU Tax Readings Group.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to send a working paper to the WHU Tax Readings Group for feedback.

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