The Chair of Financial Accounting focuses its research and teaching activities on the areas of financial accounting, corporate finance, and private equity.

Sharing our expertise – Delivering actionable insights in the field of finance.

In particular, our research addresses the following topics:

  • Income Smoothing
  • Financial Analysis
  • Executive Compensation
  • Corporate Governance
  • Bank Investment Strategy
  • Insider Trading

Der Lehrstuhl gehört zum WHU Financial Accounting & Tax Center (FAccT).

Research and articles – Selected publications of Professor Garen Markarian

Review of Accounting Studies, conditional acceptance, 2019

Oil Prices, Earnings, and Stock Returns.

Steve Crawford, Garen Markarian, Volkan Muslu, Richard A. Price
European Journal of Finance, 2019
Garen Markarian, Sebastien Michenaud
Journal of Banking and Finance, 2013, Volume 37(9)
Gilad Livne, Garen Markarian, Maxim Mironov
Journal of Corporate Finance, 2011, 17(4)

Fair Value Accounting and Compensation in Banks.

Gilad Livne, Garen Markarian, Alistair Milne
Contemporary Accounting Research, 2009, 26(4)

Managerial Risk Taking Incentives and Income Smoothing.

Julia Grant, Garen Markarian, Antonio Parbonetti
Journal of Business Ethics, 2009, 84(2)
Michel Magnan, Timothy Fogarty, Garen Markarian, Serje Bohdjalian
SSRN Electronic Journal (2005)
Fabrizio Ferri, Garen Markarian, Tatiana Sandino

FAccT – Sharing insights into financial business practices.

The WHU Financial Accounting and Tax Center (FAccT) is dedicated to generating and disseminating scientific knowledge about the economic consequences of financial accounting and taxation. Our research and teaching is supplemented with guest lectures by practitioners to give students different perspectives and novel insights into business practice. Interested?