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Apl. Professor Katrin Baedorf

Finance & Accounting Group

Apl. Professor


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Contributions to WHU

Apl. Professor Katrin Baedorf contributed significantly to WHU in several roles in the last years.

For example, as Director, she established the Center of Private Banking/Asset and Wealth Management at WHU as a visible platform to foster communication and create impact among research, teaching and practice. During that time she also put considerable effort into research activities. These efforts resulted in 10 dissertations, more than 30 publications, and more than 40 supervised thesis projects that were completed while she was working in the role of the Director. apl. Professor Baedorf is very well connected in the finance industry on a national and local level and maintains, among others, close connections with various banks (e.g., Commerzbank, Berenberg Bank, Sparkasse Koblenz), which she also managed as sponsors for the Center of Private Banking/Asset and Wealth Management at WHU. Between 2016 and 2018, she was able to attract new sponsors for the Center, who contributed significant additional funding resources.

In her current role as Director of the Dean's Office, apl. Professor Katrin Baedorf is responsible for key areas to develop the school’s strategy and support the running business of the school. These include the coordination of ranking processes with all program departments, presenting WHU to internal and external stakeholders, monitoring internal and external regulations, and more. She also supports the knowledge transfer between science and practice in several ways. Dr. Katrin Baedorf also is involved in WHU's short and long-term strategy development and supports the development and implementation of new study programs.


Short biography

Apl. Professor Katrin Baedorf completed her studies in both economics and mathematics at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in Bonn in 2001. She started her career as a consultant for the strategy consulting firm McKinsey & Company. Since 2006, apl. Professor Baedorf has been working at WHU. She was initially employed as a Research Assistant at the Center of Private Banking where she completed her Ph.D. studies on the topic of "Performance Measurement of Client Portfolios in Private Banking" in 2009. She then worked as Assistant Professor of Finance/Private Banking at WHU from March 2009 to September 2014. Afterwards, she accepted the position as Director of the Center of Private Banking/Asset and Wealth Management, which she led from October 2014 to April 2018. Ever since then, apl. Professor Baedorf is leading the Dean's Office in the role of the Director. Besides this, she continues to take on teaching assignments as a Lecturer in Finance.


Teaching activities

Spring 2021 – PresentManagerial FinanceGlobal Online MBA Program
Spring 2015 – 2018Trading and Real Time Data InterpretationBachelor Program
Spring 2015 – 2018WHU on FinanceExecutive Education
Spring 2015 – 2017Finance FundamentalsExecutive Education
Fall 2009 – PresentFoundations of FinanceBachelor Program
Spring 2009 – 2011Behavioral FinanceMaster Program
Fall 2009 – 2010Private BankingBachelor Program