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Professor Edgar Löw

Honorary Professor

Professor Edgar Löw, Professor of Accounting at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and member of the supervisory board of FAS AG, was appointed honorary professor of WHU during an academic celebration in 2005. Professor Löw has been a visiting lecturer at WHU since 2002 and lectures on accounts analysis of international consolidated statements, group accounting, tax accounting and accounting in financial institutions.

His career path led to a post at the Deutsche Bank AG followed by a position as Manager of the Policy Department Banking & Finance of KPMG. In August 2010 he started as Head of Financial Accounting Advisory Services FSO at Ernst & Young. Since January 2014 he works as a Fulltime-Professor at Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and is there responsible for the program Master in Auditing. Since 2018, Edgar Löw is a member of the European Banking Authority, Banking Stakeholder Group and coordinates there the Working Group of Supervisory, Governance, Accounting, Reporting, Disclosure.

In the area of teaching Professor Löw can refer back to lecturing duties at the Hessischen Verwaltungs und Wirtschaftsakademie as well as at the Fachhochschule Frankfurt. His lectures at the WHU are repeatedly judged very favorably by students in teacher evaluations. In addition to this Professor Löw has found time to compile an exceedingly and unusually high number of diverse publications. He also has a formidable publication list.

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