The Institute of Management Accounting and Control (IMC) currently has the following vacancies:

Why apply?

The IMC doctoral program is ranked No. 1 in Europe and No. 9 in the world in the area of management accounting. For the area corresponding to the research methods used at the institute (survey, field studies …), the IMC shares second place with Michigan State University behind the University of Southern California.


"As well as being exposed to challenging research topics at the IMC, I learned how to successfully run projects with practitioners and I was able to develop strong leadership skills. This know-how still helps me in my day-to-day work."

"At the IMC, I engaged in a productive dialogue with junior and senior scholars which greatly fostered my interest in solving exciting research questions related to management accounting. The international reputation of the IMC and its resources enabled me to quickly build up a global research network und gave me the opportunity to work with experts in my fields of interest."

"My years as a doctoral student were formative years which I wouldn't want to miss. I remember being involved in many different activities and projects. This stimulated my entrepreneurial thinking and also inspired my later start-up activities."

"Getting started at the IMC also means receiving clear suggestions for a promising dissertation topic. This saves time, especially at the beginning when you need to familiarize yourself with so many different things. The frequent interaction in the research group and with my supervisors helped me make good progress."


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Carsten Lucaß

Controlling & Recruiting

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