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Teaching is important to us. In the various programs of WHU, the IMC offers a wide range of courses in controlling and strategy execution.
We aim to provide our students with the knowledge and the skills they need in practice. Therefore, our teaching activities are guided by two considerations: Firstly, controlling systems are designed and used by people, namely managers and controllers. Therefore, a behavioral and social perspective guides most of our teaching. Secondly, controlling and strategy execution are based on important tools that students need to learn and understand. However, analytical problem-solving and communication skills and the development of student’s personality are at least as important. As a matter of fact, we want to contribute to the development of responsible leaders in the finance function and beyond.

To achieve the aforementioned objectives, most of our courses are based on interactive formats and case studies in order to enhance the learning experience. High-profile speakers from the business community complement the contributions of our faculty in the classroom.
Several best teaching awards reflect the high quality of our teaching activities.

Five well-established textbooks support our own teaching and make our thinking available for a broader student audience. Our flagship, "Einführung in das Controlling", is the best-selling textbook on controlling in the German-language market. It is complemented by a workbook with exercises and cases and has been translated into Polish, Chinese, Russian and (in parts) English.

Over the past years, IMC faculty have supervised more than 100 bachelor's and master's theses. We have always been offering theses which link to the latest research. Currently, we encourage students to look into the digitalization of management accounting and strategy execution as a possible thesis project.

Current Courses

  • BSc Program
  • MSc Program
  • MBA Program
  • Doctoral Program

Management Accounting Textbooks

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