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Family motivation

Supporting one’s family is a major reason why many people work, yet surprisingly little research has examined the implications of family motivation. We find that family motivation enhances job performance when intrinsic motivation is low—in part by providing energy, but not by reducing stress and conclude that supporting a family provides a powerful source of motivation that can boost performance in the workplace...

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Reading the face of a leader

In competitive settings, people prefer leaders with masculine faces. But is facial masculinity a trait that is similarly desired in men and women leaders? Across three studies, we discovered that people indeed prefer men and women leaders who have faces with masculine traits. But surprisingly, we find that people also prefer women with low facial masculinity as leaders in competitive contexts...

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The awestruck effect

This study examines how followers regulate their outward expression of emotions in the context of two types of leadership that are commonly associated with transformational leadership, namely charismatic leadership and individually considerate leadership...

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