Our research focuses on the social dynamics between leaders and followers, and on the role of emotions in organizational life. We examine, for example, what makes leaders charismatic, how charismatic leaders affect followers, how leaders infuse emotions in those who look up to them, how leaders develop and use emotional intelligence, how emotions spread to affect collectivities, and how organisations can create cultures that feature high levels of engagement and low levels of exhaustion.

Our approach is primarily based on quantitative empirical research. We conduct field studies in organizations, analyse archival data, and run carefully controlled experiments. In part, we conduct our research in collaboration with the Cambridge Experimental and Behavioural Economics Group, of which Professor Menges is a founding partner.

Our research has been published in academic journals such as:

  • Academy of Management Annals
  • Academy of Management Journal
  • Journal of Management
  • Journal of Organizational Behavior
  • Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
  • Organizational Research Methods
  • Organization Science
  • The Leadership Quarterly
  • Research in Organizational Behavior

We have also achieved impact, both in Germany and beyond, through publications in the following practitioner-oriented journals:

  • Harvard Business Manager
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Harvard Business Review OnPoint
  • Personalwirtschaft
  • Personalführung

Academy of Management Journal

Menges, J. I., Tussing, D., Wihler, A. & Grant, A. 2017. When job performance is all relative: How family motivation energizes effort and compensates for intrinsic motivation. Academy of Management Journal, 60:695-719. >DOI >PDF

Academy of Management Annals

The Academy of Management Annals von James P. Walsh und Arthur P. Brief.

Menges, J. I. & Kilduff, M. 2015. Group emotions: Cutting the Gordian knots concerning terms, levels-of-analysis, and mechanisms. Academy of Management Annals, 9:1, 845-928. >DOI >PDF

Organization Science

Brands, R., Menges, J. I., & Kilduff, M. 2015. The leader-in-social-network schema: The role of network perceptions in gendered attributions of charisma. Organization Science, 26:1210-1225. >DOI >PDF

Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review mit dem Artikel "How to be Productive without burning out".

Bruch, H. & Menges, J. I. 2010. The acceleration trap. Harvard Business Review, April: 80-86. >DOI >Video