Chair of Organizational Behavior

Our main interest is managerial behavior in the global business arena. In particular, we focus on positive organizational behaviors such as trust, ethics and pro-social behavior offering guidance to business practitioners of how to shape ethical behavior at the different levels of corporate action including ethical culture, ethical leadership and ethical followership. Within this field, we put particular emphasis on how companies can overcome ethical failures and restore trust by providing responsible leadership.

With regard to the global business arena, we further address cross-cultural differences in behavioral expectations with regard to ethics and responsible leadership offering suggestions how difficulties in intercultural collaboration can be addressed successfully.

We thus offer managerial guidance at the intersection between ethics, leadership and international management.


Institutional Corruption revisited: Exploring open Questions within the Institutional Corruption Literature. By E. Amit, J. Koralnik, A.-C. Posten, M. Müthel, and L. Lessig (in press). In: The Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal
Antecedents and Consequences of MNE Bribery: A Multilevel Review. By C. Frei, and M. Muethel (in press). In: Journal of Management Inquiry
Enabling Shared Leadership in Virtual Project Teams: A Practitioners’ Guide. By M. Hoegl, and M. Muethel (2016). In: Project Management Journal
How Leaders Earn Respect: A Cross-Cultural and Intercultural Analysis of German and Chinese Leader-Follower Relationships (Michael H. Bond, Warren Chiu, Schazia Delhvi & Miriam Müthel)
Awards and Fellowships
Professor Dr. Müthel has been appointed as Visiting Scholar by the Center for European Studies (CES) at Harvard University in the academic year 2016/2017. From March to June 2017, Professor Muethel is pursuing her current research project “Ethical Culture Change in the Banking Industry - The Role of Rewards” at the CES
Professor Dr. Müthel is listed among the top 100 researchers below 40 in the German Handelsblatt Ranking 2014
She has been a Network Fellow at the Harvard University, Safra Center for Ethics in the academic terms 2013/ 2014 and 2014/ 2015


Chair of Organizational Behavior

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