Chair of Strategic Management

Our main focus is on the activities that constitute strategising and the link between these activities and larger organizational and societal phenomena. Hence, we focus not just on the strategising activities and practices of individual organisations, but also extend our research to interorganisational or industrial strategising. The aim is to understand not only how people in organisations strategise, but also to understand the consequences of these practices on longer-term outcomes within and beyond the organisation. We are particularly interested in ‘grand challenges’ such as energy security, climate change, economic independence, market regulation, and competition, to name a few. Hence, we specialise in complex and critical strategic contexts, such as the infrastructure industries of energy, telecoms, rail, and water, because these industries generate significant economic and societal impact beyond their focal arenas.

Our acknowledgement of complexity and interdependence drives our key focus on how organisations balance multiple competing, and often paradoxical, demands. We thus put particular emphasis on how organisations can overcome the challenges of working in complex environments.

Professor Dr.

Jane Lê

Chair Holder

Research Focus

Jane Lê's research focuses on practice-based studies of complex contexts, particularly infrastructure settings like energy, telecoms, rail and water that critically underpin our economy and quality of life. She fosters particular interests in paradox and materiality. She aims to conduct research at the highest level, producing quality research outputs with real world relevance. Her work has appeared in a number of leading journals including Organization Science, Organization Studies, Strategic Organization, British Journal of Management, International Journal of HRM, and Organization. Dr. Lê has a strong profile in her focal field of strategy-as-practice, where she currently leads the Research Community Platform at the European Group for Organizational Studies and is Past Chair of the Strategizing Activities and Practice interest group at the Academy of Management. However, her training in psychology and sociology, and breadth of experience working in human resource management, strategy and organizational studies, position her well to understand and appreciate work conducted along a broad spectrum of theoretical and methodological perspectives. Dr. Lê has developed strong expertise in research methods, having used a range of research designs, including cross-sectional and longitudinal case studies, and drawing on multiple qualitative data sources including interviews, observation and archival sources to study private and public sector organizations. She was recently successful in securing a highly competitive ARC Discovery Grant entitled ‘The Human Side of Energy Security’, which  examines how organisational practices and processes shape outcomes for secure, reliable and affordable energy with low environmental impact.


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Chair of Strategic Management
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