Selected Publications of the WHU Marketing & Sales Group

Selected International Refereed Journal Articles

Category EJL-STAR / VHB-Jourqual2 A+

Schlereth, Chr., Skiera, B. 2017.
Two New Features in Discrete Choice Experiments to Improve Willingness to Pay Estimation that Result in SDR and SADR: Separated (Adaptive) Dual Response.
Management Science (MgmtS), 63 (3): 829-842.

Homburg, Ch., Jensen, O., & Hahn, A. 2012.
How to Organize Pricing? Vertical Delegation and Horizontal Dispersion of Pricing Authority.
Journal of Marketing, 76 (5): 49-69.

Morhart, F. M., Herzog, W., & Tomczak, T. 2009.
Brand-Specific Leadership: Turning Employees into Brand Champions.
Journal of Marketing, 73 (5): 122-142.

Wagner, T., Lutz, R. J., & Weitz, B. A. 2009.
Corporate Hypocrisy: Overcoming the Threat of Inconsistent Corporate
Social Responsibility Perceptions.
Journal of Marketing, 73 (6): 77-91.

Wagner, T., Hennig-Thurau, T., & Rudolph, T. 2009.
Does Customer Demotion Jeopardize Loyalty?
Journal of Marketing, 73 (3): 69-85.

Homburg, C., Jensen, O., & Krohmer, H. 2008.
Configurations of Marketing and Sales: A Taxonomy.
Journal of Marketing, 72 (2): 133–154.

Homburg, C., & Jensen, O. 2007.
The Thought Worlds of Marketing and Sales:
Which Differences Make a Difference?
Journal of Marketing, 71 (3): 124–142.

Homburg, C., Hoyer, W. D., & Fassnacht, M. 2002.
Service Orientation of a Retailer’s Business Strategy:
Dimensions, Antecedents, and Performance Outcomes.
Journal of Marketing, 66: 86–101.

Homburg, C., Workman Jr., J. P., & Jensen, O. 2002.
A Configurational Perspective on Key Account Management.
Journal of Marketing, 66 (2): 38–60.


Category EJL-P / VHB-Jourqual2 A

Schulz, F., Schlereth, Chr., Mazar, N., Skiera, B. 2015
Advanced Payment Systems: Paying too much today and being Satisfied Tomorrow
International Journal of Research in Marketing, 32(3), 238-250.

Schlereth, Chr., Eckert, Chr., Schaaf, R. & Skiera, B. 2014.
Measurement of Preferences with Self-Explicated Approaches: A Classification and Merge of Trade-off- and Non-trade-off-based Evaluation Types.
European Journal of Operational Research, 238 (1), 185-198.

Schlereth, Chr., Barrot, Chr., Skiera, B. & Takac, C. 2013.
Optimal Product Sampling Strategies in Social Networks: How Many and Whom to Target?
International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 18 (1), 45-72. 

Schlereth, Chr., Eckert, Chr. & Skiera, B. 2012.
Using Discrete Choice Experiments to Estimate Willingness-to-Pay Intervals.
Marketing Letters, 23 (3), 761-776.

Schlereth, Chr., Skiera, B. 2012.
Measurement of Consumer Preferences for Bucket Pricing Plans with Different Service Attributes.
International Journal of Research in Marketing, 29 (2), 167-180.

Schlereth, Chr., Skiera, B., Wolk, A. 2011.
Measuring Consumer Preferences for Metered Pricing of Services.
Journal of Service Research, 14 (4), 443-459. 

Schlereth, Chr., Stepanchuk, T. & Skiera, B., 2010.
Optimization and Analysis of the Profitability of Tariff Structures with Different Number of Two-Part Tariffs
European Journal of Operational Research, 206 (3), 691-701.

Mantrala, M. K., Albers, S., Caldieraro, F., Jensen, O., Kissan, J., Krafft, M., Narasimhan, C., Gopalakrishna, S., Zoltners, A., Lal, R., & Lodish, L. 2010.
Sales Force Modeling: State of the Field and Research Agenda
Marketing Letters, 21 (3): 255-272.

Workman Jr., J. P., Homburg, C., & Jensen, O. 2003.
Intraorganizational Determinants of Key Account Management Effectiveness.
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 31: 3–21.
(Emerald Citation of Excellence Award as one of the Top 50
[total of 20,000] “Management Articles of 2003")

Homburg, C., Workman Jr., J. P., & Jensen, O. 2000.
Fundamental Changes in Marketing Organization: The Movement Toward a Customer-focused Organizational Structure.
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 28: 459–478.
(Award for the journal's best article of 2000 by Sheth Foundation)

Category EJL-S / VHB-Jourqual2 B

Hinz, O., Schlereth, Chr., Zhou, W. 2015
Fostering the adoption of electric vehicles: an application of best worst scaling and dual response on the role of complementary mobility Services.
Journal of Business Economics, 85(8), 921-951.

Schlereth, Chr. 2014.
Pricing Plans for a Financial Advisory Service.
European Journal of Marketing, 48 (3/4), 595-616. 

Fritz, M., Schlereth, Chr., Figge, St. 2011.
Empirical Evaluation of Fair Use Flat Rate Strategies for Mobile Internet.
Business & Information Systems Engineering, 3 (5), 269-277.

Brexendorf,  T.O., Mühlmeier, S., Tomczak, T., & Eisend M. 2010.
The Impact of Sales Encounter on Brand Loyalty.
Journal of Business Research, 63 (11), 1148-1155.

Wagner, T., & Rudolph, T. 2010.
Towards a Hierachical Theory of Shopping Motivation.
Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 17 (5): 415-429.

Herzog, W., & Boomsma, A. 2009.
Small-Sample Robust Estimators of Noncentrality-Based and Incremental Model Fit.
Structural Equation Modeling, 16 (1): 1-27.

Morhart, F. M., Henkel, S., & Herzog, W. 2008.
Collecting Hidden Consumer Data Online: Research on Homosexuals.
Journal of Advertising Research, 48 (2): 247-254.

Wagner, T., Bicen, P., & Hall, Z. H. 2008.
The Dark Side of Retailing: Towards a Scale of Corporate Social Irresponsibility.
International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 36 (2): 124-142.

Brexendorf, T.O., & Kernstock, J. 2007.
Corporate Behaviour vs. Brand Behaviour: Towards an Integrated View?
Journal of Brand Management, 15 (1): 32-40.

Fassnacht, M., & Köse, I. 2007.
Consequences of Web-Based Service Quality: Uncovering a Multi-Faceted Chain of Effects.
Journal of Interactive Marketing, 21(3): 35–54.

Herzog, W., Boomsma, A., & Reinecke, S. 2007.
The Model-Size Effect on Traditional and Modified Tests of Covariance Structures.
Structural Equation Modeling, 14 (3): 361-390.

Schmitz, C., & Wagner, T. 2007.
Satisfaction in International Marketing Channels: A Local Channel Member Perspective.
Journal of Marketing Channels, 14 (4): 5-37.

Wagner, T. 2007.
Shopping Motivation Revised: A Means-End Chain Analytical Perspective.
International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 35 (7): 569-582.

Fassnacht, M., & Köse, I. 2006.
Quality of Electronic Services: Conceptualizing and Testing a Hierarchical Model.
Journal of Service Research, 9 (1): 19–37.

Möller, S., Fassnacht, M., & Klose, S. 2006.
A Framework for Supplier Relationship Management.
Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, 13 (4): 69–94.

Schweizer, M., Kotouc, A. J., & Wagner, T. 2006.
Scale Development for Consumer Confusion.
Advances in Consumer Research, 33 (1): 184-190.

Rudolph, T., Rosenbloom, B., & Wagner, T. 2004.
Barriers to Online Shopping in Switzerland.
Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 16 (3): 55-74.

Homburg, C., Fassnacht, M., & Günther, C. 2003.
The Role of Soft Factors in Implementing a Service-Oriented Strategy in Industrial Marketing Companies.
Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, 10 (2): 23–51.
(Award for the Outstanding Article of the Year 2003)

Homburg, C., Schneider, J., & Fassnacht, M. 2003.
Opposites Attract, but Similarity Works: A Study of Interorganizational Similarity in Marketing Channels.
Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, 10 (1): 31–54.

Selected German-language Refereed Journal Articles

Schlereth, Chr. & Süptitz, J. 2017.
Fracking: Messung der gesellschaftlichen Akzeptanz und der Wirkung akzeptanzsteigernder Maßnahmen
Schmalenbachs Zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung zfbf, 69(4), 405-439.

Schlereth, Chr. & Schulz, F. 2014.
Schnelle und einfache Messung von Bedeutungsgewichten mit der Restricted-Click-Stream Analyse: Ein Vergleich mit etablierten Präferenzmessmethoden Schmalenbachs Zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung zfbf, 66(8), 630-657.

Schudey, A., Jensen, O., Sachs, St. 2012.
20 Jahre Rückanpassungsforschung - eine Metaanalyse.
Zeitschrift für Personalforschung, 26 (1), 48-73.

Fritz, M., Schlereth, Chr., Figge, St. 2011.
Empirische Evaluation von Fair-Use-Flatrate-Strategien für das mobile Internet.
Wirtschaftsinformatik, 2011 (5), 257-266.

Schlereth, Chr. & Skiera, B. 2009.
Schätzung von Zahlungsbereitschaftsintervallen mit der Choice-Based Conjoint-Analyse
Schmalenbachs Zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung zfbf, 61 (8), 838-856.

Homburg, C., Jensen, O., & Richter, M. 2006.
Die Kaufverhaltensrelevanz von Marken im Industriegüterbereich
[The Relevance of Brands for Industrial Buying Behavior].
Die Unternehmung, 60: 281–296.

Homburg, C., Fassnacht, M., & Günther, C. 2002.
Erfolgreiche Umsetzung dienstleistungsorientierter Strategien von Industriegüterunternehmen
[Successful Implementation of a Service-Oriented Strategy in Industrial Companies].
Schmalenbachs Zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung, 54 (9): 487–508.

Fassnacht, M. 2000.
Dienstleistungen im Einzelhandel: Angebot und Management
[Services in Retailing: Offerings and Management].
Die Unternehmung, 54(2): 87–106.

Homburg, C., & Jensen, O. 2000.
Kundenorientierte Vergütungssysteme: Voraussetzungen, Verbreitung, Determinanten
[Customer-oriented Incentive Systems: Requirements, Relevance,
Zeitschrift für Betriebswirtschaft, 70: 55–74.